Jewellery Care

Stainless Steel (silver):

100% waterproof and will never fade

Gold Plated Stainless Steel: 
Jewellery made with gold plated steel is super durable and tarnish resistant. SHOPFAIRY jewellery is waterproof and lasts longer than any high street store jewellery, here are some ways to keep your gold sparkling for years:

✦ keep away from harsh and strong chemicals - perfumes, creams, household cleaning products

✦ your gold jewellery can be worn in water and A LOT of customers never take their gold pieces off and they are still perfect! However the longer its worn in water the less sparkling and shiny it'll be so keep away from water where you can and especially harsh chlorine 

✦ store your gold jewellery with similar metals and keep in either your jewellery pouch or your jewellery box



If you have any issues with your jewellery please message via the chatbox below or email within 14 days of placing your order. I strive to maintain my 5 star review streak and nothing means more to me than you being happy with your experience from SHOPFAIRY. 

You have one year warranty from the day of purchase - this gives you peace of mind that if issues arise you will be covered. Warranty does not cover:
✧ general wear and tear
✧ improper handling of delicate jewellery
✧ lost or stolen jewellery

ALL jewellery is made to last, will NOT turn your skin green and WILL make you feel like the queen you are!