Collection: Charm Your Own Jewellery

Design your very own custom Charm Necklace of Charm Bracelet to create a one of a kind and unique piece of jewellery!

'How do I build my Charm Necklace/Charm Bracelet?'

1) select either a clasp necklace / clasp bracelet 

2) select the charms you'd like to add on to your clasp - these are all interchangeable so you wear one on Monday, three on Wednesday and two on Friday!

3) receive your new dreamy charm jewellery and wear it every day!

Choose from a variety of high-quality charms, each representing a unique aspect of you or your loved one if you choose to gift one ♡ mix and match to reflect your individuality ✨ you can pick as many or little charms as you’d like! Some of the charms feature Swarovski crystals, bead pearls, clover mother of pearls, initials, flowers & stars. 

If there is a custom charm you’re looking for feel free to contact me via the chatbox below. 

Charm Your Own Jewellery